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Five Things Weinland Park Neighbors Always Ask about Development Projects

  1. Where is the front door? Weinland Park is a historic urban neighborhood where the historic building fronts have clear, direct access to/from the front sidewalk. This is a large part of the pleasure of urban walking and WP neighborliness.
  2. Where is the front porch? See #1. Front porches are where we hang out on nice days-and evenings-and say hi to our neighbors as they walk around.
    a. Is it deep enough? (minimum 6 feet)
    b. What about the back porch? It doesn’t have to be huge, but almost all the historic houses in WP have a least a little cap porch over the back door.
  3. How does this relate to the houses on each side?
    a. Consistent setbacks knit together our neighborhood buildings and help us say hi to each other at our front doors.
    b. Consistent roof pitches and massing honor and echo the many historic houses and garages in our neighborhood.
  4. What about a tree? Weinland Park is a neighborhood of wonderful old trees – help us continue this for future generations.
  5. Can we talk about the fence? Good fences make good neighbors: we’d like your fence’s materials and design to contribute to the pleasant urban feel of the neighborhood.
  6. Parking. (Yes, this is item!) No double-stacking unless you’re zoned AR4.

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