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Housing Committee Minutes and Recording – April 6, 2021


Held via Zoom
6:00, Tuesday, April 6, 2021


00:09:00 Sean: What was the first item discussed?
00:09:52 Matt Adair: There was no discussion, but it’s a proposal for additional housing at 50 E. 7th Avenue. Feedback on that can be emailed to the address above.
00:10:24 Sean: Thanks!
00:17:25 Matt & Ashley Martin: Definitely
00:25:22 Sean: What project was Peerless coming in reference to? I did not see that on the agenda.
00:25:35 Matt Adair: It’s the 50 E. 7th Avenue project, the first one.
00:34:01 Matt Adair: Thanks Grant! Attendees: feel free to email Grant with questions about the future of the former Godman Guild site, and Ellen too!
00:34:51 Grant Dolven: 6143061157
00:42:44 Michael Wilkos (he/him): How have you secured lots across the City/suburbs to do this program?
00:44:19 Elizabeth: Have you thought about carriage houses/ADUs?
00:45:16 Grant Dolven:
00:45:35 Grant Dolven: Columbus-Franklin County Port Authority
01:00:34 Elizabeth: I think this looks like a great ADU
01:00:54 Matt Adair: Agreed!
01:01:00 Michael Wilkos (he/him): Looks great!!!
01:01:18 Tanya Long: I agree
01:01:37 Elizabeth: can we see the floor plan for the ADU?
01:02:07 Elizabeth: How many bedrrooms in the ADU
01:03:22 D: can you show where this lot is on fifth street
01:05:20 Michael Wilkos (he/him): I can connect the two of you via email
01:05:39 Grant Dolven: That will be awesome John! congrats
01:06:04 Tanya Long: It’s beautiful John!
01:11:43 Tanya Long: I agree, I think this wall is famous! They ARE Weinland Park Walls!
01:20:48 Tanya Long: People love the wall Matt
01:24:51 Elizabeth: Too early to vote on this
01:25:26 Elizabeth: On thrive
01:26:48 Michael Wilkos (he/him): A contest for Ms. Dixon mural!!!


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