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Housing Committee Minutes and Recording – February 2, 2021


Held via Zoom
6:00, Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Minutes and attendance to be added


18:15:40 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : After parking rules were enforces streets like Indianola north of 7th seem almost entirely empty daily – before COVID.
18:19:03 From Elizabeth : The AMI for 43201 is $35,934
18:19:44 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : I believe for the tax abatements the area used for AMI is broader than the zip code
18:20:03 From Tanya Long : Thanks Laura
18:20:14 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : So probably a lot higher, as Mr Shannon suggested when he said $55K
18:20:26 From Elizabeth : They are talking about reserving space for people making $42,376
18:20:40 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : It will be a good question to follow up on
18:22:51 From Elizabeth : They could make the AIM 40%-80%, if they wanted to
18:32:26 From John Gifford : keep it p
18:32:31 From John Gifford : *up
18:32:39 From Elizabeth : Thank you. Logan
18:35:39 From Elizabeth : Excellent question!
18:35:55 From Elizabeth : Last night, they said they were planning studios
18:36:01 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Higher density and low parking ratios make sense here. The curb cut entrance on East 7th does NOT make sense.
18:36:33 From Elizabeth : Didn’t earlier they said one and two bedrooms only?
18:36:37 From Elizabeth : I am confused?
18:36:46 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : No bedroom count data that i heard.
18:37:04 From Danielle Garson : I would suggest the scale should step down into the neighborhood. This will help with the “towering” over existing homes.
18:37:37 From M. Adair : 188 units, 43% studios (under 500 sq ft), two different 1 bed units, 36% of project (530-560 sq. Ft), two different 2-bed units, 21% of project (800 and 1130 sq. Ft)
18:41:07 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : What was last night?
18:41:12 From M. Adair : UAC right?
18:41:15 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : UAC Zoning committee
18:41:19 From Elizabeth : yup
18:41:25 From Elizabeth : Michael and I were there
18:41:32 From M. Adair : So dedicated =)
18:41:45 From Elizabeth : LOL, Matt
18:42:25 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Can you discuss vehicular access to parking?
18:42:46 From ClanKlossNelligan : Pastor Robey is with us this evening.
18:48:32 From Elizabeth : Is the developer willing to be open to section 8
18:50:10 From Sean Storey : Is the city still presenting on land trust?
18:50:33 From ClanKlossNelligan : Land trust folk were not able to make it this evening.
18:51:17 From Sean Storey :
18:52:07 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Indianola never has a car on it anymore.
18:52:19 From M. Adair : Sean, no that was cancelled tonight. Sorry!
18:55:10 From Elizabeth : Can we talk about trash…
18:58:28 From tylerbender : I second that. A curb cut onto 7th avenue would be a bad decision for the streetscape and the flow of traffic.
18:58:34 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : How the building sits on the site and interacts with the surrounding buildings is critical. Unfortunately a single massing diagram distracted us from a broader conversation about “how could a large building fit here and work with it’s neighbors”
18:59:09 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : We are having a broader conversation.
19:01:11 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Auto entrance on 7th must go.
19:01:11 From tylerbender : Agreed!
19:01:32 From ClanKlossNelligan : At UAC the developers committed (I think) to doing a shadow study. We would very much like to see that.
19:01:59 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : I think a larger building can work here. Just not this configuration.
19:02:40 From M. Adair : Agreed, step down toward the east
19:03:03 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Variation in height and stepping down will make a big improvement.
19:03:42 From M. Adair : Agree, variation will make it more interesting
19:04:22 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : There is no justification to say property values are going down because of this building.
19:04:39 From ClanKlossNelligan : Neal’s house is the western most on the north side or Euclid and is not on the massing image.
19:04:39 From John Gifford : @wilkos agreed
19:05:08 From Danielle Garson : when are they coming back @peerless
19:05:20 From Danielle Garson : when can we see revised vision
19:05:30 From Elizabeth : But it is making people like us (who live on Euclid) feel like we shouldn’t invest
19:06:01 From Michael Cordaro : I think we would like to present some modifications next month
19:06:25 From Michael Cordaro : We will also look to conduct a shadow study to address some of the other concerns we have heard
19:07:11 From Michael Cordaro : We will also be conducting parking and traffic studies, but those studies will not be available before the next meeting
19:07:49 From Danielle Garson : in addition – Please see how other projects across the country are integrating into neighborhoods successfully…
19:07:49 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : I wonder how much parking at Uncommon and Highline sits empty on a typical day.
19:07:59 From Michael Cordaro : Thank you everyone for your comments, questions, and concerns. Your feedback will help us as we move forward through this proposal
19:08:16 From John Gifford : Alot of empty spaces @Wilks
19:08:17 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : The problem is that any empty parking at Uncommon is not available to the rest of the neighborhood.
19:08:23 From John Gifford : @Wilkos
19:08:25 From tylerbender : I would like to encourage a reduction in parking from the zoning requirement. Less auto centric mindset and greater emphasis on people.
19:08:35 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : I never see those garages anywhere close to full
19:08:37 From Laura Bidwa (she/her) : We worked for months to ask Uncommon to allot some spaces to the church and they refused.
19:08:42 From M. Adair : =/
19:08:56 From Michael Wilkos (he/him) : Again. Indianola is empty of cars!
19:08:56 From Tanya Long : Please make sure everyone has access to the zoning meeting and all subsequent meetings in the future. Thank You
19:09:17 From Elizabeth : So I guess that was a no
19:09:34 From Elizabeth : only on Facebook
19:09:47 From Elizabeth : it could be easier
19:10:09 From Logan Luzader : Elizabeth – Definitely not a no. We will be happy to show sun studies.
19:11:06 From M. Adair : Monday, March 1, at 6:30
19:11:13 From M. Adair : UAC Zoning Committee
19:11:41 From M. Adair :

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