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Housing Committee Minutes – January 5, 2021


Held via Zoom
6:00, Tuesday, January 5, 2021



Everyone briefly introduced themselves.

Duplex at 1448 Hamlet St.
—Gave feedback to Hew about his project, encouraged him to push the dormer back from the front facade a little more or consider other options.

Joyce Hughes Park
—Laura Bidwa: discussion of rules occurring, how to reserve communal resources.
—Going to put together an FAQ
—Park opening in the spring
—Anna: I’m putting together the FAQ so if you have any ideas let me know.

Housing Committee leadership transition
—Laura: when I started this I had a normal job, and I’m now freelancing so can’t commit to volunteering with the committee as a leader.
—Matt can use some help

Presentation: Weinland Park Housing & History w/ Michael Wilkos
—slides available online


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