Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee Minutes – November 3, 2020

Held via Zoom
6:00, Tuesday, November 3, 2020



Everyone briefly introduced themselves.

88 E 9th Ave

Revised presentation re: zoning variances and rezoning requested for new apartment building @ NW corner of E 9th & Section Alley (just west of Indianola)

Dave Perry, Kristen Penrod, Rhode Partners architects Brett Rhode and Catherine French

Apartment building close to North High, next to Gateway garage. Requesting to be rezoned to AR3, and variances requested related to the AR3 standards.

UIDRB will review the project’s design.

Changes since last month’s presentation:

Matt Adair really appreciates the ground-floor-entry units all around the building. Many developers say they cannot do this, yet here it is done.

Roger Beebe very much appreciates the changes, but still wishes it was a floor shorter. The neighborhood around it is so much smaller than this.

Michael Wilkos lives close to the site and isn’t concerned about the height.

Susan Colbert asks:

Donna Madlener sees elevator in NW corner with small trash area next to it. Is that enough?

Laura Bidwa asked about prop tax abatement for CRA.

Matt Adair asked if ground-floor-access entryways will accommodate a chair.

Variances requested are same as last month with slight change to #3.

Applicant requests the following variances:

  1. Section 3309.14, Height Districts, to permit a 69 foot tall building In the H-60 Height District (pending 220-086).
  2. Section 3321.05(8)(1), Vision Clearance, to reduce the 10’x10′ clear vision triangle at the intersection of E. 9th Avenue and Section Alley to 8’x8′.
  3. Section 3325.901(A), Density, to reduce lot area per dwelling unit from 700 SF to 391 SF.
  4. Section 3325.903(A), landscaped Area and Treatment, to reduce landscaping area behind the most rear portion of he building from 5% of lot area to 0%.
  5. Section 3325.905(A), Maximum Lot Coverage, to increase permitted lot coverage from 300/4 to 90%.
  6. Section 3325.907, Parking, to reduce calculated parking from 480 spaces to 135 spaces.
  7. Section 3325.909(A)(B), Building Lines, to reduce the calculated building setback line based on buildings to the east and west from 6.5 feet to 3 feet and 4 feet, as depicted on the Site Plan, and to reduce the minimum rear setback from 2 feet to 1 foot.
  8. Section 3325.911((), Building Separation and Size, to increase the maximum building size from 10,200 SF to 236,000 +/- SF (6 story).
  9. Section 3325.913, Maximum Floor Area Ratio, to increase FAR from 0.8 to 3.55.
  10. Section 3325.915, Height, to permit a 69 foot building height.

Laura Bidwa moved to approve variances as requested, Chris Micciche seconded. Motion passed 13-0.

1365-1367 N 6th Street

Karrick Sherrill architect, Dave Perry zoning consultant.

Currently zoned R4, which permits up to 4 units but doesn’t permit 2 detached units on same parcel. Proposal would add a carriage house. CH would be 3 pkg spaces with an apartment above it.

Davide Cugini’s house/carriage house is directly across the alley from this project.

Alley-side eaves are lower to reduce the mass of the building. Probably fiber cement siding. Windows on alley side have gable roofs over them. Apartment is 1BR, just over 700 sq ft.

Applicant requests the following variances:

  1. Section 3332.039, R-4 Residential District, to permit two (2) detached dwellings on the same parcel, consisting of the existing two (2) family dwelling (1365-1367 N. 6th Street) and the proposed carriage house/3 car garage with one (1) dwelling unit.
  2. Section 3312.29, Minimum Numbers of Parking Spaces Required, to reduce parking from 6 spaces to 3 spaces at 2 per dwelling unit for 3 total dwelling units.
  3. Section 3332.05, Area District Lot Width Requirements, to reduce the lot width from 50 feet to 35.5 feet (existing).
  4. Section 3332.15, R-4 area district requirements, to reduce lot area from 5,000 square feet required for a principal building to actual existing lot area of 4,437 square feet (35.5 ‘x 125′) and lot area of 3,780 square feet based on Section 3332.15(C), using depth of three times the lot width (35.5′ x 106.5’).
  5. Section 3332.18(C), Basis of Computing Area, to increase lot coverage from 50% to 52%.
  6. Section 3332.19, Fronting, to permit the carriage house to not front on a public street.
  7. Section 3332.25, Maximum Side Yards Required, to reduce the maximum side yard from 7.1 feet (20% of 35.5 feet) for both the existing dwelling and the proposed carriage house to 5.5 feet and 6 feet respectively.

Laura Bidwa moved to approve variances as requested, Matt Adair seconded. Motion passed 12–0.

What do we mean when we say “affordable housing”?

Presentation by Michael Wilkos with photos, WP examples, and Q&A.


Early in 2000s, 25% vacant, many arsons, notorious for Crip gang activity (Short North Posse). Some shootings this summer. WP Collaborative was formed in 2010 focusing on housing stabilization, but also included planning and funding for very diverse priorities. Campus Partners had been formed 25 years ago to address revitalization of built environment and safety in the area.

Project-based Section 8: Community Properties of Ohio (CPO). The most vulnerable families in the community. When owned by private sector, was housing of very last resort. When Campus Partners/CPO bought it, nonprofit management renovated it and vastly improved quality of life.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) – incomes up to 120% of AMI. Built on Hamlet St and N 4th.

Community Housing Network building on 9th. Serves clients with . Doubled the supply of these units in the neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity homes. Design shifted to make better fit with existing homes in WP.

NRP homes – 40 homes finished in 2011. Lease to own homes that went to working-class families making 40-60% AMI.

Home repair program funded by philanthropic dollars – grants up to 120% AMI. Upgraded homes to benefit existing homeowners, including doubles that were owner-occupied.


Thrive updates (Steve Bollinger):

Rice Paddy – demo permit for the piece that caught fire – the section running along railroad tracks. Permit to be submitted this week or next. Still looking for users.

4th and 5th project – Materials are being chosen. Keeping in mind possible use of amenity spaces for WP community purposes. Feeling more confident about idea of publicly accessible (via paid memberships) gym for first floor. Expect to break ground in March or April.

1375 N 6th St four-family has finally been approved for its lot splits/etc. Should get permits next month to be able to start renovation.

Marker updates (Grant Dolven):

They are working to get on agenda for mobility committee. Working with City of Columbus about getting crosswalks on 5th Ave and/or 5th St. Continued dialogue with Port Authority regarding providing some
lower-rent affordable units in the building or alternatively being able to direct resulting affordable housing funding back to some other project in the neighborhood.

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