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Steering Committee Minutes – August 4, 2018

Steering Committee Notes Saturday, August 4, 2018
In attendance:
Community Connectors – Susan Colbert, Georgina Stevenson, Ta Mika , and Kimberly Golden.
Steering Committee members – Steve Sterrett, Lydia Yoder, and Laura .

Community Connectors

Way grant allowed for Susan Colbert to create a group of Weinland Park neighbors as ambassadors for resident engagement, engaging neighbors who might not have interest or ability to attend civic association meetings or other neighborhood events.

What they do:

Susan Colbert shared that she would like to bring more leadership development opportunities for both Steering Committee and Community Connectors. She is looking into the cost of participation in the Community Leadership Institute.

Another topic of discussion was how to collaborate more as the Weinland Park Community Civic Association, Community Connectors, and Weinland Park Collaborative. The Community Connectors will keep us posted about the time and location of their next gathering.

Weinland Park Yard Sale

Kimberly Golden (community ambassador) would like to start an annual yard sale, and she is thinking the end of September would be a good time to do it this year. There are still funds available for resident engagement, and the Steering Committee suggested that Kimberly Golden entertain a motion to the Steering Committee in order to receive the funds to assist her in planning the yard sale.

Steering Committee Agenda


Planning the September WPCCA Meeting:

Planning for the October WPCCA Meeting:

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