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Steering Committee Minutes – July 9, 2019

Steering Committee Meeting 7.9.19
Chris Micciche
Georgina Stevenson
Lydia Yoder
Joe Swora
Laura Kogan
Brian Hood
Kimberly Golden

  1. Good and New
  2. Finances:
    • Revisions to the proposed budget: (ask Chris Micciche to send updated budget)
      • Childcare budget needs . Would it be possible to have one helper per month, and alternate helpers? (Laura Bidwa and Omar Elhagmusa to discuss this further)
        • June 2019 attendance:
          • Total adults: 26
          • Total kids: 12-15
          • Young kids: 7
      • We will no longer pay the liability insurance for maintaining the curb bump-out and round-about gardens.
      • May not need additional Connectors funds
      • Cutting food costs
    • Requesting $8000 from the Columbus Foundation to go toward planning the Festival and for food/childcare for the monthly meetings.
      • Festival (Laura Kogan will send to Chris)
      • Food
      • Childcare
      • Website
    • How to file for tax purposes the people who are paid on an ongoing basis? Do we need to 1099 these people? If you pay someone more than $6,000, you are required to 1099 them.
    • Becoming a 501c3 something to look into?
    • Chris Micciche can look into the process of filing 1099
  3. Community Yard Sale
    • Kimberly Golden interested in creating a starter kit for 20 people to sell items at the Yard Sale ($8.00 per kit, of $160)
    • Yard Sale booth at Festival for making yard sale signs
    • Community Yard Sale: Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25
    • Add Kimberly Golden to agenda for the July civic meeting
      • Need help making signs (Have a sheet at civic meeting for volunteering to make signs at the Festival and to be a yard sale location)
      • Have a booth at the Festival to create yard sale signs
      • Helping post items on social media
      • Posting the signs after the yard sale gathering
      • Ask Matt Adair about making flyers to pass out at the July civic meeting and at the Festival
      • Steering Committee suggesting a budget of $100 for the yard sale rather than the $200 originally requested.
  4. Motion: Laura Bidwa moves to give Kimberly Golden $100 for sale, Joe Swora seconded the motion. Motion 6-0.
  5. Leadership Transition
    • Bylaw review committee: Joe Swora is heading it up, contacted two people but hasnâ€t heard back from either of them. ​Kimberly Golden will talk to Michelle Rubin-King, a neighbor interested in involvement in the committee.
    • Announcing at meetings/posting on Facebook (Laura Bidwa) need for . Lydia will talk directly to people.
    • Resident engagement sign up Festival
    • Laura Bidwa will contact Angie Meeker about Website
    • Ask John, Donna, Ashley Martin, Shelby Brooks about interest in leadership (secretary)
  6. Planning July 25, monthly meeting
    • Festival
    • Yard Sale
    • Face painting ice breaker:
      • Lydia Yoder and Brian Hood will coordinate
      • Laura Kogan will bring face paints
    • Laura Bidwa: food
    • Chris: plates/napkins
    • Omar: water
    • Georgina: music
    • Lydia: lead face painting
    • Laura Bidwa: meeting leadership
    • Agenda:
      • Face painting (Lydia Yoder and Brian Hood)
      • Festival announcement (Laura Kogan)
      • Yard Sale (Kimberly Golden)
      • Zumba (Julia Orban)
      • Announcements

Meeting adjourned 8:17 p.m.

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