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Steering Committee Minutes – May 14, 2019

Steering Committee Meeting 5.14.19
Chris Micciche
Joe Swora
Omar Elhagmusa
Lydia Yoder
Laura Kogan
Georgina Stevenson
Susan Colbert

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Chris Micciche)
    1. Checking account balance: $1029.80
    2. NPG grants status: $3,700
    3. Response regarding our budget request to WPC: Still waiting to hear back from Erin Prosser and Matt Martin. Omar suggested that we communicate with each other about reminding Erin and Matt about this.
    4. Expenses coming up in the next 30 days: Rally in the Alley, childcare, food costs.
  2. Festival Planning update (Laura Kogan)
    1. Dream Center covering food for
    2. Still looking for volunteers
  3. Housing Committee update (Laura )
    1. What to do with the Weinland Park Collaborative-owned doubles? Campus Partners wants the properties to go to the Land Trust, which means they will be demolished.
    2. The Housing Committee is pushing that two of the doubles (1243-1245 N 6th St. and 1324-1326 N 5th St.) be sold to a contractor, renovated, and sold as condos.
    3. Joe Swora suggested looking at trade/apprenticeship programs to help with renovations
    4. Planning to vote on this at the next monthly meeting.
    5. Make sure to promote the meeting and announce the upcoming vote about the meeting.
  4. Planning the WPCCA Meeting on Thursday, May 23:
    1. Lydia will make event, email, and change on Google calendar
    2. Georgina and Omar with Community Connectors will make phone calls on Monday or Tuesday
    3. Georgina will send the updated WP resident member list to Lydia
    4. Outstanding Neighbor Award: Chet Jackson. Georgina will track down from Tracie, Chris will track down from Knables.
    5. Laura Bidwa: music
    6. Omar Elhagmusa: food and BOGO coupons for Coffee Connections, bring WP t-shirts for childcare providers at .
    7. Joe : leading meeting.
    8. Agenda:
      1. Icebreaker: ask Diamond (Lydia)
      2. Vote on of WPC doubles (Laura B)
      3. Ben Anthony Storybook Village (Laura B will ask him)
      4. Rally in the Alley (Chet Jackson, Georgina Stevenson confirmed)
      5. Announcements: Joe Swora asking for help forming a committee to review constitutions and by-laws with him.
  5. Set theme/topic for WPCCA monthly meeting on Thursday, June 27:
    1. Ice cream and games in the pavilion at the park (Laura Bidwa will ask Jennifer Cheeks and Kauwe Caldwell about coming up with a game)
  6. Rally in the Alley: Saturday, June 1.
    1. Feedback from Rally in the Alley leadership: make the WPCCA leadership more visible at the event.
    2. $75 needed to pull permits for street closures
    3. Requesting $500 from the WPCCA. Treasurer requesting collection of the receipts.
    4. Chris will write a check and give it to Susan Colbert at OSU Extension and she will give it to Chet Jackson
    5. Motion: Laura moved to contribute $500 to Rally in the Alley, Omar seconded. Motion passes, 6-0.
  7. Amending the WPCCA constitution and by-laws.
    1. Being a resident is a requirement for an elected , but attending WPCCA meetings is not a requirement. Should this be changed?
    2. Reminder to think some more to invite people to be involved. Bradley, Carl (5th St and 7th Ave),
    3. Next Steering Committee meeting more to form a committee (canâ€t be a part of the steering committee) to review the constitution and by-laws. Joe Swora volunteered to help with this ad hoc committee.
  8. Possibility of OSU student intern for summer 2019
    1. Brian Hood, a junior at OSU studying environment, economics, and community development, moving into the area in July.
    2. Introduce Brian Hood at the Thursday, May 23 WPCCA meeting
    3. Laura Kogan volunteered to document hours and someone to sign off on them and be of contact. Laura Bidwa will respond to him and cc Laura Kogan in the emails.
    4. Omar suggesting that rather than OSU students coming to WPCCA with project ideas, could we go to OSU community development programs and request volunteers/interns for the WPCCA?

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

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