Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Steering Committee Minutes – October 8, 2019

10.8.2019 Steering Committee Meeting


Update on Childcare / Youth Development

Safety on Summit and N 4th

Housing committee update

Zoning variances for new double on Hamlet St, disposition of Campus Partners doubles, Dennison Place Civic Association rep led about new development proposed at King and High (committee discussed if we should offer a formal opinion and decided against it, but was glad to have new communication channel opened with DP). of diversity on the committee about how people felt the King/High project. Home Team has a new illegal parking attempt off the alley behind Indianola between 7th and Euclid; the old one on Euclid is still unresolved after more than 2 years, cut down trees, paved all the way up to , and included too many parking spots. Wagenbrenner Realty updated about continuing activity in Grant Park. Some Community Gardens may go back to land trust due to of volunteers.

The next six months

October 24 meeting

Talk about civic association changes at the next general membership meeting, invite whoever emerges as a leader to come to November steering to continue .

Do we not have the potluck this year? Do we do it in the spring instead? More potlucks may not be the answer; Laura cooked for the spring 2019 potluck and it turned out to be 10 people

Alternate activity for Nov/Dec neighborhood holiday gathering: Godman Guild WinterFest December 12, 5 to 8p




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