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Steering Committee Minutes – September 10, 2019

September 2019 – Steering Committee Agenda


At Home By High is losing their office space, any thoughts for them are welcome

Yard Sale (Kimberly Golden)

Weinland Park Festival

Planning the Thurs, Sept 26 WPCCA monthly meeting:

Budget updates (Chris Micciche)

Other announcements:

Joyce Hughes Park (Grant Avenue) Committee will be chaired by Michael Wilkos and include Tanya Long Laura Bidwa, Steve Ballenger from Waggenbrenner, John Neil Lindsay

Cards for two tragedies Both group cards for NRP Belinda Tate Melton

NRP family fire on 6th Street (Laura couldn’t find contact information for the family); A couple parents overdosed on fentanyl, children go to Weinland Park Elementary, card for surviving grandmother Karen Burnett.

Invite: the steering committee should attend the Terrace Place Apartments Appreciation Cookout, Sept. 20 3-6p at Indianola Park

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