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Steering Committee Minutes – September 11, 2018

Steering Committee Meeting 9.11.18
Omar Elhagmusa
Matt Adair
Steve Sterrett
Lydia Yoder
Georgina Stevenson

Weinland Park Festival Feedback

Steve Sterrett shared that the Festival Planning Committee would like to distribute a short survey at the it was decided that the best way to conduct the survey would be online. Matt Adair suggested we include the link to the survey in the monthly newsletter. The link to the survey can also be posted in the Weinland Park Discussion Forum on Facebook.

The following is the feedback on the 2018 Weinland Park Festival from Steering Committee members:

Treasurer and Budget Update

Ed Chin (secretary of WPCCA 2016-2018) paid to fund the website he built and to pay for the platform for the website.

Motion: ​Laura Bidwa made a motion that we reimburse Ed Chin for the expenses of $316.16 he incurred over the past year for using the website, Omar Elhagmusa seconded the motion. was 4-0 for; motion passed

Omar Elhagmusa and Laura Bidwa will have the signature card transferred into their name soon. There is a need for another person to have their name on the account who will be a constant through the change in the officers. Possibly the Godman Guild.

Weinland Park Collaborative Planning Meeting

The topic for the October 16 Weinland Park Collaborate (WPC) meeting will be resident engagement. The following are possible topics to explore:

We decided to discuss the WPC meeting more at the October Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, October 9.

Planning the September 26 Meeting

October WPCCA Meeting:

Invite Dr. Robinson-Ervin to come to the meeting (Laura)

Holiday Potluck:

Weds, Dec 5 at the Schoenbaum Family Center

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