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WPCCA Monthly Meeting Minutes and Recording – April 22, 2021

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00:09:12 LC Johnson: Excuse my salad eating!
00:09:24 Tanya Long: Enjoy!
00:11:51 LC Johnson: Man, I have so many! My mom is a straight character!
00:13:05 LC Johnson: Also my mom: “I had kids because you’re cheaper than mules.” LOL
00:14:04 LC Johnson: Yes, girl. lol
00:14:26 LC Johnson: “Stay out of grown folk’s business.”
00:14:43 Ashley Martin: I like your dad, Katherine 🤣😂
00:15:26 Tanya Long: That’s funny LC
00:15:54 Katherine Cull: He is notorious among many
00:16:01 LC Johnson: My mama used to say that ALLLLLL the time!!
00:17:48 Tanya Long: 🙂
00:18:00 LC Johnson: <3 <3 <3
00:22:38 LC Johnson: You’ve been supporting this community for so long. How can we support YOU as a leader during this transition?
00:27:53 Katherine Cull: Lutheran Social Services supports with tax preparation
00:28:59 Susan Colbert: Families may call 2-1-1 to locate Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites near the neighborhood.
00:30:14 Ashley Martin: Thank you for taking that into consideration!!!
00:31:05 Michael Wilkos: Thank you Ellen. I love what Marker is doing with the Community Shelter Board.
00:33:06 Katherine Cull: You will be greatly missed Ellen
00:34:17 LC Johnson: Besides that. Lol
00:36:05 Adam Hochstetler: What an incredible legacy and impact on the community, Ellen! Truly inspirational and wish you the best as the Guild moves to its next phase of its work.
00:41:08 Ashley Martin: Shout out to LC for also recently being named to Columbus’ 40 Under 40!! 👏🏼👏🏼
00:41:39 Tanya Long: YAY LC!!!! Congratulations!!!
00:46:09 Rob Poletto: That’s great!
00:46:30 Ashley Martin: So excited for this!
00:46:32 Michael Wilkos: CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing success and growth!!!
00:46:45 Roger Beebe & Leslie Rummel: !!!
00:46:54 Tanya Long: Looking forward!!
00:46:56 Michael Wilkos: You are now going to have commute a few blocks to work now!
00:47:17 Katherine Cull: What a gift to the Weinland Park community!
00:53:37 Katherine Cull: slumber party!
00:53:50 Tanya Long: LOL
00:54:55 Michael Wilkos: With the Guild moving Zora’s House staying in Weinland Park is now more important than ever!
00:55:45 LC Johnson:
01:06:04 Jim Dowdle: As a new member to the community, I love this idea!
01:07:23 Ashley Martin: I’d love to help with this, Diane.
01:08:06 Rob Poletto: Likewise… Happy to help distribute as well
01:10:31 LC Johnson: I
01:11:14 LC Johnson: I’ll be sitting out on my porch during the yard sale!
01:15:54 Katherine Cull: 614-645-6122
01:17:40 Katherine Cull:
01:17:46 Katherine Cull: Zoning survery
01:23:15 LC Johnson: Yes! We have many urban farmers and gardeners!
01:24:17 Tanya Long: That’s great LC!
01:26:38 LC Johnson: Thank you for all the updates! It’s bedtime over here and I’m on mama duties! Have a great night, everyone!
01:28:43 Jim Dowdle: Where is the berry patch located?
01:28:54 Michael Wilkos: north th and 11th
01:29:05 Michael Wilkos: North 4th and 11th
01:29:08 Jim Dowdle: Thanks!
01:29:21 Rob Poletto: Thanks, I know right where that is
01:29:25 Rob Poletto: I walk by there often
01:29:42 Tanya Long: Look for the banners Rob!
01:32:35 Tanya Long: It looks wonderful over there! Go over if you can!
01:34:15 Rob Poletto: mojitos
01:34:39 Ashley Martin: Yes, Rob! Mojito Festival, maybe??
01:35:22 Samantha & James Peltier: we need to run. bye all thank you!
01:35:50 Tanya Long: Ashley, Yess!! LOL
01:37:27 Katherine Cull: Have to log off, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions-
01:40:58 Jim Dowdle: Are the libraries only for children’s books?
01:41:53 Jim Dowdle: Yes!
01:47:35 Ashley Martin: Gotta go put kids to bed. Good to see you all—glad you’re my neighbors!!
01:48:16 Susan Colbert: I need to jump off, but wish you all a good nite!
01:50:37 Michael Wilkos: Thanks for your leadership Tanya!!!
01:50:45 Adam Hochstetler: Thank you!

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