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WPCCA Monthly Meeting Minutes and Recording – June 24, 2021

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00:32:21 WPCCA Meetings: Attached are the files Michael is discussing
00:41:59 Peerless: If there are questions for us to address, can you please repeat them into the microphone? thanks 🙂
00:43:23 Donna: Where are the attachments for the zoom participants to view ?
00:43:46 Peerless: There is a link in the chat
00:44:11 Peerless: WPCCA sent it
00:45:42 Devenia Goosby: We also have a question and comments.
01:02:20 Joe Papio: aye
01:02:23 mpn: aye
01:02:25 Donna: Yes from Donna M
01:02:39 Pattrick: I vote yes
01:03:03 erinfitzsimons: vote yes
01:05:32 Peerless: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these discussions. We really do look forward to delivering a great project and being a good neighbor to the community!
01:05:32 mpn: Thank you, Kathy!
01:08:52 Kathy Fox: It was good to work with Weinland Park volunteers toward an excellent outcome for the community.
01:08:52 Drake Goosby: Thank you.
01:18:40 Drake Goosby: I am really truly grateful for the opportunity and have learned so much from everyone. I appreciate everyone for allowing me to participate. Thank You.

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