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WPCCA Monthly Meeting Minutes and Recording – September 23, 2021

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00:04:15 WPCCA Meetings: Can you all unmute yourselves?
00:05:53 WPCCA Meetings: Please unmute yourselves
00:11:20 Ashley Martin: We need to see that tape!!
00:11:39 Michael Wilkos (he/him): How was Alex??
00:19:08 Laura Bidwa (she/her): 614 636-5100 hotline number
00:20:05 Laura Bidwa (she/her): Betsy, could you please remind us the boundaries of the SID?
00:22:24 2. Betsy Pandora (she, her, hers): The boundaries are all of north fourth from 5th to I-670 and 5th Avenue from Courtland to 5th Street
00:22:46 Laura Bidwa (she/her): thank you!
00:32:47 2. Betsy Pandora (she, her, hers): Feedback:
00:33:08 Rob Poletto (he/him): Thanks!
00:37:09 Yohannan Terrell’s iPhone: How long was the Gorman Guild located in WP?
00:43:32 Rory: GG was in WP since 1990. The actual building was the Sixth Street Elementary School. It was built as a segregated school on the site of a historic Black park.
00:43:51 WPCCA Meetings: \
00:56:41 Bud Winston: Who are you targeting demographically to live in the units? Majority ownership or lease? Predicted length of stay in the unit(s)?
01:02:41 Yohannan Terrell’s iPhone: Would love to connect with you on that art piece.
01:04:48 Ashley Martin: YES! SAVE THE TREES!!!!!
01:05:20 Laura Bidwa (she/her): Yes, the loss of those trees would be a really historic loss
01:05:46 Bud Winston: Thank you, Roger!
01:05:51 Rob Poletto (he/him): agreed
01:06:10 Rob Poletto (he/him): I’ll bring you snacks and a meal
01:07:21 Bud Winston: Can M/N consult an arborist?
01:10:28 Roger Beebe & Leslie Rummel: I did talk to an arborist with Russell Tree Service. He suggested that we should get the city arborist to look at those trees to assess their significance & health
01:12:15 Bud Winston: The Sycamore sits well to the north of the fruit trees that are above the sewage line.
01:21:32 Michael Wilkos (he/him): Will ground floor units all have doors to the street on all three sides?
01:21:40 Bud Winston: Excellent example of that on Detroit Ave.
01:26:11 Bud Winston: When is your expected completion date for the project/units?
01:28:32 Roger Beebe & Leslie Rummel: Higher toward fifth to have setback elsewhere (and save those trees!)—yes, I’d support that!
01:28:41 Michael Wilkos (he/him): I agree. Taller toward 5th Avenue and scale down to the north and protect a century old tree
01:28:56 Rob Poletto (he/him): Also agree… Thanks Ashley!
01:29:55 Rob Poletto (he/him): Thank you Laura
01:29:57 Bud Winston: Why is WPCCA agreeing to this high density monstrosity? Joyce strived to people put people in homes. Home ownership for the people of Weinland Park!
01:30:00 Rory: Agreed, but the zero set back on 5th is bad news. More stories would be cool.
01:31:05 Bud Winston: Thank you, Diane!
01:35:25 Michael Wilkos (he/him): That is awesome
01:40:04 Bud Winston: Excellent work!
01:40:09 Roger Beebe & Leslie Rummel: Really helpful, James. Thank you!
01:44:26 Bud Winston: Could they bump out the north parking lot to 4th where the dumpsters are located. That would create a flow pattern from 7th to Summit.
01:45:03 Bud Winston: Sorry, bump out to Summit – lol
01:49:14 Laura Bidwa (she/her):
01:49:25 Laura Bidwa (she/her): Above is the link to the Vision Zero map
01:49:35 Laura Bidwa (she/her): To record problems, near accidents, etc
01:50:02 Laura Bidwa (she/her): Nonemergency police number (614) 645-4545
01:53:15 Michael Wilkos (he/him): Thanks for all your hard work on this!
01:54:18 Ashley Martin: I’ve gotta go get the kids in bed. Thanks for a great meeting, neighbors!!
01:54:37 Michael Wilkos (he/him): nighty night kiddos!
01:57:13 Rob Poletto (he/him): Thanks Laura
01:57:21 Michael Wilkos (he/him): thanks
01:59:27 Rob Poletto (he/him): Thank you Tanya!
01:59:38 Ryan Freet: Thanks Tanya!

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