Meeting notes – WPCCA Housing Committee 6:00, Tuesday, August 6, 2019

  • Godman Guild
    • Resident co-chair Laura Bidwa
    • Residents Donna Madlener, John Gifford, Steve Bollinger, Chris Micciche, and John Neil Lindsey
    • Guests Davide Cugini and Kara Urbanek (presenting zoning variance request) and Matt Negron (Wagenbrenner/Thrive Companies).


  • Festival volunteers needed:
  • WPCCA needs secretary to serve until next elections in April; anyone interested please contact Laura Bidwa.

Campus Partners doubles

Which double to save — 1324-1326 N. 5th or 1243-1245 N. 6th? Committee discussed that 5th Street double was larger and in better condition, and that on 6th Street the Land Trust could be asked to construct a double resembling the historic one. Motion to sell 1324-1326 N. 5th and convey 1243-1245 N. 6th to the Land Trust passed 5-0. 1424-1424 ½ N 4th will also be sold because it’s in the New Indianola Historic District and thus cannot be demolished by the Land Trust. In hopes of achieving the community’s goals for the preserved properties to be rehabbed, divided, and sold as condos, the committee agreed to contact its preferred parties among contractor/developers who had indicated willingness to preserve exterior historic features, split sewers, and re-sell properties as condos to solicit their best prices for the properties that will be sold. Committee will then convey a list of recommended buyers and their offers to Campus Partners.

Reminder that Campus Partners lots with community gardens on them are being transferred to the Land Bank’s community garden program: 4th Street Farms, 5th Street Bird Sanctuary, and part of the Tree Nursery.

Zoning variance requests

1374 N 5th St. (considered by University Area Commission this month) Single-family house with garage with dwelling unit above on a single family parcel. Davide Cugini, Kara Urbanek, owners.

Motion to support variances passed 5-0.

An additional motion to support decreasing the single-family home’s setback from the street to no less than 16 feet to allow a deeper front porch passed 5-0.

1400 N 5th St (to be considered by University Area Commission in September) Single-family house with garage with dwelling unit above on a single family parcel. John Neil Lindsey, owner.

Motion to support variances passed 5-0.

Wagenbrenner Development update – Steve Bollinger and Matt Negron

On Grant Avenue: 26/50 townhomes are in contract. Last 2 single-families are in contract. Phase I of the apartments (246 units) are 93% occupied. Phase 3 of apartments will break ground in Aug/Sept. An entity that was going to use the full Rice Paddy property has decided not to proceed. Estimated $3.2M to rehab bathrooms and secure the condition of the Rice Paddy buildings.

4-family buildings: The one on 6th St is occupied. 1375 N 5th is still clarifying sanitary line situation but should start work soon. 1400 Hamlet has mechanicals complete; HVAC installation starting. Anticipate starting to lease in October/November.

Discussion about formation of a neighborhood advisory committee for Joyce Hughes Park, to be built on east side of Grant Avenue by Wagenbrenner: Construction around the park: all the 3-story townhomes are in contract and 2-story duplexes are going fast. Park expected to be completed by April/May. Steve Bollinger suggested that the committee should consider enhancements that will clarify the public nature of the park and tell some of the story of Joyce Hughes, and should meet over a 6-week period starting in September. Some neighbors’ names were suggested to serve on the committee, and committee members split up the task of soliciting their participation.