Location: Northside Branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Present: Matt Adair, Laura Bidwa, Sean Storey (co-chairs), Donna Madlener, Chris Micciche, Erin Prosser, Michael Nelligan

Discussion of WPCCA Housing Committee supporting the conveyance of certain Campus Partners properties to the Community Land Trust. Laura Bidwa made a motion to support the conveyance of three properties to the Land Trust: 1479-81 N. 6th Street, 380-82 E. 9th Avenue, and 1365-67 N. 5th Street. Donna seconded the motion. Six voted in favor, none opposed. The motion passed.

The committee discussed avenues for the preservation of the three other Campus Partners doubles (1243-5 N. 6th Street, 1324 N. 5th Street, and 1424-1424½ N. 4th Street), which have surviving historic architectural features and are on blocks that have a reasonably intact group of other houses that retain their historic features. The double on North 4th cannot be demolished because it is in the New Indianola Historic District, but there is no city or neighborhood control over demolition for the other two properties. Erin Prosser shared information about potential grants/ loans/subsidies that might help finance the rehabilitation of the properties into affordable housing. None of the available options appeared sufficient to fully cover the rehab costs.

Laura Bidwa asked about the funds that had been gained by previously selling other Campus Partners–owned properties in Weinland Park at a market rate rather than at a discount. It had been stated in the past that this money could be used for future housing goals in the neighborhood. Erin Prosser said that the funds are controlled by the full Weinland Park Collaborative, not by Campus Partners. The committee would like to investigate the total amount available and how it might be accessed.

It was concluded that buyers could be sought who would agree to renovate the properties, preserving the exterior historic architectural features, and then offer them for sale at market rate. The committee agreed that it would be preferable for the rehabilitated properties to be sold for homeownership as condos rather than used as rental properties. Those present agreed to spread the word that people who are interested in purchasing the remaining properties ((1243-5 N. 6th Street, 1324 N. 5th Street, and 1424-1424½ N. 4th Street) should attend the next housing committee meeting (6:00, Tuesday, Feb. 5), to gauge interest and discuss the situation further.

Discussion of change of use of Brothers Drake, located at Courtland and E. 5th Avenue. Orin Benary from Bros. Drake came before the University Area Commission (UAC) zoning committee in December to discuss change of use of the Brothers Drake property from tasting room to a nightclub, because it has been hosting live music. UAC zoning committee recommended he come to WPCCA housing committee to discuss variances before coming back to the UAC zoning committee.

Laura brought up the idea of asking Brothers Drake to not amplify music outdoors, the committee members agreed. The committee would encourage the establishment to be receptive to neighbors who might call and ask them to turn the music down.

Orin said parking is not very important for his patrons because they arrive by different modes.