Meeting notes – WPCCA Housing Committee 6:00, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

  • Godman Guild
    • Resident co-chairs Laura Bidwa and Matt Adair;
    • Residents Donna Madlener, John Gifford, Chris Micciche, Elizabeth Kloss, Michael Nelligan, Roger Beebe, Danielle Garson, Bridget Tharp, and 1 additional neighbor who missed the sign-in sheet;
    • Guests Craig Smith of New Avenue Architects and Shaun Holloway of ACUHO-I.

Orton Lab (1445 Summit St) – Zoning variance requested for retaining wall guardrail along E 8th Ave. Architect Craig Smith and building owner rep Shaun Holloway asking for feedback about the design of the railing. People seem to like it. The perforated mesh wasn’t exactly what building owners ACUHO-I wanted, but they had to do the screening for headlights about the residential property. The way the crossbars are in the mesh makes the bars visible from both sides, which is nice. Could be completed by Spring 2020. Elizabeth Kloss moved to approve the railing design, Roger Beebe seconded. The railing design was approved, 8-0.

1398 N 6th Street – Proposal for new two-family building that will require zoning variances. Property owner John Gifford.
—Laura Bidwa voiced concerns with the FAR on the structure being in excess of the neighborhood plan.
—John says that if he were to meet the FAR requirement, each floor of each unit could only be around 400 sq. feet.
—Matt Adair moved to support the variances, Elizabeth Kloss seconded the motion. The motion passed, 8 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstaining.

Community gardens – Should Bird Sanctuary be transferred to Land Trust due to lack of adequate volunteer support? After discussion, Chris Micciche moved to recommend that the Leslie Passmore bird sanctuary to be given to the community land trust. Elizabeth Kloss seconded and the motion passed, 9-0.
–Campus Partners doubles: Doubles at 1424-1424 1/2 N 4th and 1243-1245 N 6th will be offered for sale; appraisals have been ordered to determine prices.
— Planning has begun for Joyce Hughes Park on Grant Avenue, via ad hoc committee that includes several Hughes family members plus older and newer residents, and Wagenbrenner Development representatives.