Meeting notes – WPCCA Housing Committee 6:00, Tuesday, September 3, 2019

  • Godman Guild
    • Resident co-chairs Laura Bidwa and Matt Adair
    • Residents Donna Madlener, John Gifford, Chris Micciche, and Bernard Hayman
    • Guests Huckleberry House staff Sonya Thesing, Melanie Gunther, and Abbey Wollschleger

On the agenda this month:

Campus Partners doubles — status update regarding the sale of 1324-1326 N. 5th and 1424-1424 1/2 N 4th

  • Two doubles will be offered for sale to become condos instead of being torn down and replaced by land trust. (4th St one in historic district which can’t be torn down and one other one) Committee voted last month to make the 5th St double to be the other one sold.
  • On Aug 30 Laura, Donna, Sean, and interested developers went into the 4th St brick double with Erin Prosser and it was in decent condition, people were pleasantly surprised.
  • Property on 5th Street, foundation wall on north side is bowed out, and there has been a hole in their roof since Campus Partners bought it…12 years ago, and water has been running into the place for that long.—Property on 6th Street…porches have fallen off, but had less water damage, was more in tact…general agreement was that it would be a less expensive property to fix. Tonight we planned to talk to Erin Prosser about this but she’s not here.
  • Donna moves to switch the Housing Committee’s preservation preference from the 5th St. double to the 6th Street double. Chris M. seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. Laura will contact Erin to request this change.
  • Now we need to discuss the purchase prices for the doubles to be sold…how? Laura will contact Erin.—People need to know how much this property costs in order to move forward with the project.

Illegal Hometeam parking lot on Euclid behind the Lantern Square Apartments – status?

  • Matt gave a quick update from an email from Elizabeth Kloss. Hometeam has been ordered by the court to bring the site into compliance, and will be charged court fines if they don’t by a certain date.

Wagenbrenner/Thrive development update – is progress stalled on the four-family building at 1400 Hamlet?

  • Matt emailed Steve B. on Tuesday Sept. 3 about this
  • Steve replied on 9/3: “Hopefully get full sign off on mechanicals this week and then start insulation and finishes. Goal is still end of October/start of November to start leasing.”

Formation of a neighborhood advisory committee for Joyce Hughes Park, to be built on east side of Grant Avenue by Wagenbrenner – members and timeline/schedule for meetings

  • Laura will be coordinating people to find a time to meet
  • Donna requests dog bags and poop trash can…

Donna asked about getting sidewalks along 6th Ave between Indianola and Summit…UIRF?

  • Matt emailed UAC representative about this…
  • Amy Elbaor responded 9/4 and said she is unsure of UIRF process but will check and get back to me.