The Leadership of the Weinland Park Civic Association is deeply affected and dismayed at the turbulence and distress over the last few days of rioting amid peaceful protesting. Dr. Martin Luther King tells us that “riots are the language of the unheard.” Although so many are frustrated, and angry with just being fed up, yet so many more people have come together all over the world to stand up and do something to bring justice to decades of systemic and racial oppression alongside their black brothers and sisters.

To the Black Community: “We believe Black Lives Matter. In Weinland Park, we’re committed to continuing to keep our neighborhood meetings a safe space to speak openly and honestly about how we can all support each other, and we invite your ideas for action that we should take together as neighbors to better promote inclusion and fair treatment by the police department.

We want you to know that, we support and stand with you, starting with the arrest of all of the officers for the murder of George Floyd and beyond until we can clear the wreckage of past racial injustices and until we, as a nation can truly be willing to have the difficult conversations and begin to open our eyes and hearts to more true and earnest opportunities to mend years of anger, hate, and frustration and reach an actual brotherhood through understanding and real unity. While it may seem a daunting task, I believe, in faith, that it can be accomplished. We ARE in this together.

With warm regards,
Tanya Long, President
Bridget Tharp, Vice President
Samantha Tortora, Secretary
Chris Micciche, Treasurer