Steering Committee Meeting Notes 4.9.19
Meeting begins at 6:39 p.m.
In attendance:
Laura Bidwa
Laura Kogan
Georgina Stevenson
Matt Adair
Chris Micciche
Lydia Yoder

Proposal to move date of monthly meeting from Wednesdays to Thursdays

  • Family Nights at WPES tend to be on Thursday evenings, 4:30-6:30 p.m., but they are held only a few times a year
  • Reason to propose the change was because of feedback from Pastor Robey and Pastor Byler about church groups meeting on Wednesdays
  • Ask Schoenbaum about scheduling (Lydia will email Lisa at Schoenbaum)
  • Change the date of the meetings starting next May
  • Email/Facebook/update Google calendar/contact CPO/Community Connectors

Festival Planning Committee Update

  • Next meeting: Monday, April 29 at 5:00 p.m. at Godman Guild
  • Need more people involved to execute plans. Laura Kogan is saying that planning this seems like a part-time job, and she’s looking for people to lighten the load.
  • No updates on funding for a paid position to provide support to the WPCCA yet
  • Ask a neighbor who might be interested in pitching in to help with a specific task.

Planning April Meeting

  • Rory Krupp is unable to lead the history-focused meeting this month. Laura Bidwa will ask him about a month that would work better for leading.
  • Flow of Meeting
    • 1) Start with Outstanding Neighbor nominations
    • 2) Changes to parking permit rules start in May. Robert Ferrin to attend. (15 min)
    • 3) Matt Adair can share the history of neighborhood traffic flow
    • 4) Katherine Swidarski will attend the meeting to talk about intersections on Summit and 7th Ave/6th Ave. Laura Kogan brought up the idea of flags that the Neighborhood Design Center came up with to bring attention to the crosswalk at Summit St and 7th Ave. (15-20 min)
    • 5) Housing Committee chairs to present preservation case for three doubles in the neighborhood. Campus Partners is currently interested in demolishing the doubles and developing land houses on the land. Voting on the case for the preservation would happen at the May meeting. (10-20 min)
    • Announcements: Laura Bidwa can share an update about the 5th Ave developments
  • Leading: Georgina Stevenson
  • Music: Laura Bidwa
  • Pizza from Adriatico’s/water: Lydia Yoder

Annual Budget for 2019

  • Amendments to the budget:
    • Funding for the Storybook Village would come from CPO Resident Engagement funding, not the WPCCA’s account.
    • Laura Bidwa will discuss with Julia Orban the possibility of charging a small amount of money for Zumba participants.
    • Omar, Chris, and Laura will send and discuss the 12 month budget for 2019 to Weinland Park Collaborative to Matt Martin and Erin Prosser, asking them if they prefer a quarterly system of payment.
  • Omar suggested that there be quarterly withdraws from the WPC funds for the WPCCA
  • Eliminating Roots and Roofs as a big event, but keeping the volunteer help for senior citizen neighbors. Ask churches to coordinate this event and provide volunteers. Omar and Susan will follow-up with this possibility.
  • Applying for the NPG grant for the Community Connectors
  • Discussing cost of childcare. Matt Adair suggested that the children contribute to the meetings/encourage the teachers to display what is being learned/discussed. Collaboration between the childcare providers and the planning of the meetings.
  • Proposing that passes be given to residents to attend Storybook Village, and we can pay for the WP residents that actually attend the event.
  • Omar will email Ben Anthony about attending the May monthly meeting to share about Storybook Village and clarify that we do not have the ability to guarantee payment.
  • New budget amount: $20,510
  • $500 for new ideas in budget
  • $1000 memorial gift for Joyce Hughes, intended for leadership development. Laura Kogan suggested the possibility of funding for Washington D.C. trip for a Dominion MS Student in Weinland Park.

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, April 27th 4:00 p.m. Steering Committee and Community Connectors co-meeting at OSU Extension offices on 8th Ave. Discussing community engagement ideas: yard sale, festival, etc.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 p.m.