Steering Committee Meeting 8.13.19

Chris Micciche
Lydia Yoder
Laura Bidwa
Laura Kogan
Steve Sterrett
Joe Swora
Amanda Ferguson
Susan Colbert

Weinland Park Festival
Distributing the survey—need to get feedback on the Festival to give info to donors.


  • Chris Micciche will bring the checkbook to the Festival
  • $648 of WPCCA payments at the Festival

Need volunteers
Volunteers will have a name badge
WPCCA leadership will also have name badges
Laura Bidwa and Omar Elhagmusa will be in charge of welcoming festival-goers Yard Sale sign making booth at the festival led by Kimberly Golden

Discuss Efforts to Establish New Entity for 2020 as a 501c-type Association

  • The WPCCA needs to formalize because we receive a gross income of more than $5000 a year, and simplify the receiving of funds
  • Bring up the idea of becoming a 501c-type association at the September monthly meeting, with the possibility of voting on it at the October or November 2019 meeting
  • Laura Kogan will ask other small organizations about what type of association they are and will give feedback to the Steering Committee
  • Joe Swora and Chris Micciche will research options and bring back info to Steering Committee

August Meeting

  • Chris will post on website about the cancellation of the August monthly meeting
  • Lydia will ask Matt about sending email promoting Festival and cancellation of August meeting
  • Laura Bidwa will post no meeting sign on the Schoenbaum Family Center

Budget Updates

Laura Bidwa and Jennifer Cheeks are discussing ways to simplify the budget for childcare at the monthly meetings

Planning the September Meeting

  • Agenda ideas:
    • 501c-3 status
    • Laura Bidwa will ask Rory Krupp about leading a history of WP discussion
    • Food/Music

Meeting adjourned 7:45 p.m.