Steering Committee Meeting 02/12/19

Chris Micciche
Susan Colbert
Omar Elhagmusa
Lydia Yoder

Welcome to Chris Micciche, new interim treasurer!
Chris came with a document showing the total expenditures for 2018. Chris will grant Omar access to the bookkeeping for printing invoices.
Email expense reimbursements

Feb 27 Resource Fair Participants:

  • Columbus Rec and Parks
  • Columbus Fire Department
  • Division of Code
  • YMCA–Ward Branch
  • Huckleberry House
  • Michael Liggett (Short North parking) (TBD)
  • Refuse collection (TBD)
  • At Home by High (Katie Beaumont)
  • A Good Start (Charity Romero-Rose)
  • Building Doctor Program (Susan Keeney)
  • WPCCA Housing Committee (Laura Bidwa and Matt Adair)–collecting feedback on new Summit/5th plans
  • UAC Planning Committee (Amy Elbaor)–collecting traffic issues

To-Do List for WPCCA Meeting on Feb 27, 2019​: Leading up to the meeting:

  • Omar will ask La’Wan Sellers and football team to help with set up
  • Omar will order Adriatico’s, bring paper products and water
  • Omar will ask Steve about how to pay for childcare and how to be reimbursed for it
  • Chris Micciche will contact Patrick Knable to invite him and his family to the WPCCA meeting
  • Lydia will contact Joe and Renee Byler about attending meeting (their daughter Eisley nominated Patrick and Ashley Knable)
  • Lydia will bring a card for Jennifer Cheeks and Kauwe Caldwell and family
  • Laura will bring the Oustanding Neighbor nomination papers and WP Star for Knable family, also Weinland Park letters banner
  • Matt Adair will send e-newsletter, brings bluetooth speaker to meeting on Feb 27.

Day of the Meeting:

  • Arrive at 6:00 p.m. to start setting up
  • DJ Omar gets music ready
  • Rows of chairs in the middle, tables in U-shape around the edge of the room
  • Sign in and food 6:15 p.m.
  • Omar will start the meeting at 6:30 p.m. by announcing the Outstanding Neighbor Award winners
  • Next will be brief announcements about mapping safety concerns, mentioning the sign in sheet that Susan Keeney will have available for those interested in the Building Doctor program.
  • Ice breaker question for the Resource Fair organizations
  • Resource Fair begins
  • Meeting ends at 7:45-8:00 p.m.

Ideas for Future WPCCA Meetings: 

  • Ice breaker ideas:
    • Breaking up in pairs to interview each other (have specific questions), introduce your partner
  • Nominate Ms. Pearl as Outstanding Neighbor, at the meeting where we discuss WP history

Preparing for elections in 2020
What needs to happen to make the election process a better experience for the community?

  • Discussing at the WPCCA meeting the need for new leadership
  • Training and encouraging emerging leaders in the community


  • Agenda for the Feb 27 meeting
  • Minutes from the Jan WPCCA meeting (summary)
  • Specifics about upcoming meeting (Resource Fair), mention organizations that will be present

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.