Steering Committee Meeting Notes from 1/8/19:
Laura Bidwa
Steve Sterrett
Lydia Yoder
Omar Elhagmusa
Matt Adair
Jennifer Cheeks
Diamond Penn
Georgina Stevenson

Planning the WPCCA Meeting on Jan 23

● Laura Bidwa suggested we make the January meeting about voting on favorite activities from 2018, and ideas for future meetings. She will organize the voting process.
● Nominating Tracie Evans for the Outstanding Neighbor Award
● Have the letters we voted on at the Holiday Potluck on display at this meeting
● Ask Katherine Cull to come speak briefly about the changes in parking in the Short North.
● Food: Georgina Stevenson will order the food and pick it up. Budget is $150. Omar Elhagmusa will bring water bottles and paper products.
● Music: Matt Adair
● Icebreaker: Diamond Penn (start of meeting, involving kids)
● Childcare: Diamond Penn is in charge of childcare for January and February. Georgina Stevenson’s children, Sophia and Cole, will also be helping. Kauwe Caldwell may help Diamond with childcare in February.

Proposal to Move the Date of the Steering Committee Retreat

What is the purpose of a Steering Committee retreat?

  • Taking time to think ahead to the upcoming year
  • Thinking long-term sustainability for the WPCCA
  • Who needs to be a part of the WPCCA that is not currently involved?

Laura Bidwa proposed that we change the date (January 26, 2019) of the Steering Committee retreat to a later date. After getting feedback from the participants at the Steering Committee, the group decided to keep the retreat on Saturday, January 26, at 10:00 a.m. at Omar Elhagmusa’s house. It will be a brunch potluck, so bring a dish to share.
Secretary Lydia Yoder will email the Steering Committee information about the retreat on January 26.

Dinner Gathering of New Faces and Steering Committee in February
Laura Bidwa is interested in having a dinner gathering of Steering Committee members and neighbors that are not currently in leadership positions in the neighborhood, but that may be interested in getting involved. Laura Kogan suggested asking a neighbor, LC Johnson, about hosting a gathering like this. This gathering will likely happen in February 2019.

Budget Discussion
Julia Orban in correspondence with Laura Bidwa, Julia is requesting funding for Zumba for 2019. The amount is $1560 for the year. ​Motion: ​Laura Bidwa made a motion to approve funding in the amount of $1560 for Zumba classes in 2019. Omar Elhagmusa seconded, Vote was 7-0 for; motion passed.
Email expense items and description of what it was spent on to Rich Machinski
CC Omar Elhagmusa and Laura Bidwa on the email.
Steve Sterrett and Rich Machinski will hopefully have a conversation about the process for making money requests, reimbursements, and creating a budget for the year.
Steve Sterrett is suggesting that there be a contract between the WPCCA and Campus Partners, where Campus Partners gives a lump sum to the WPCCA, and the treasurer gives itemized list on expenditures for the year. Until we have a consistent treasurer, it is difficult to take steps towards this.
Susan Colbert would like to has a request for funding for 2019 for the Community Connectors. Laura Bidwa and Omar Elhagmusa request she submits the proposal to Laura and Omar by email. We can vote on it at the next Steering Committee meeting on February 12, 2019.

Update on Columbus City Schools and Dominion
Laura Kogan attended several school board meetings since our last Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 13. The School Board is doing a work session on January 24, and the topic of what to do regarding the Dominion issue will be discussed then.
Laura Kogan has a sense that no schools will be cut from the feeder pattern currently, but it is still a possibility down the road. Laura Kogan will inform us of any ways the WPCCA can support this effort.

Mapping out the Year

​Motion: ​Laura Bidwa moved that the Weinland Park Festival take place on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Lydia Yoder seconded the motion. Vote was 6-0 for; motion passed.

Ideas for Meetings:

  • Community Info Sessions–Katherine Cull (speed dating style). February Meeting.
  • Invite PTO, Principal Dr. Robinson
  • Meet your neighbors/out of hibernation potluck theme?
  • Weinland Park History focus—Rory Krupp, Larry and Otis Davenport, Diane Dixon, Joyce’s younger brother share about Weinland Park’s past.
  • International Night Potluck–bring a dish to share from your country of origin, have a map to mark where neighbors are from.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.