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Steering Committee Minutes – June 11, 2019

Steering Committee Meeting 6.11.19
Omar Elhagmusa
Georgina Stevenson
Lydia Yoder
Susan Colbert

  1. Budget Update​ ​Link to draft budget
    1. Weinland Park Collaborative decided $5,000 twice a year for three years
    2. Steve Sterrett is waiting to hear back about grant money from Foundation. Could impact the numbers if not awarded.
    3. Income amount (approximate): $16,550. Expense amount (approximate): $16,617.
    4. Campus Partner will reimburse WPCCA for some expense incurred the past few months.
    5. Next month we will hopefully discuss in greater detail what needs to be cut from the budget when we have information about whether or not grants toward the festival are received.
    6. Check with U.D.O. (University District Organization) about any remaining money available for the WPCCA. (Laura )
  2. Festival Update
    1. Dream Center will be taking care of the food
    2. Clintonville Go Public will have a small fundraiser at the festival with non-alcoholic drinks with some of the proceeds going to the WPCCA.
    3. Raffle donations needed
    4. Request a table for the WPCCA “command center” to have information available about the civic association. Georgina will look into having a banner made for the table. Officers will wear orange “I am Weinland Park” shirts
    5. Lydia will share the WP logos and specific colors with the Steering Committee group
    6. Omar will ask Lexi Holliday about taking pictures for the Festival
  3. Rally in the Alley Update
    1. Update from Georgina Stevenson: good representation from Grant Avenue and Dream Center. The Dunk Tank was a big hit. The music was clean.
  4. Restarting Zumba—Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    1. ​Link to MOU
    2. Omar suggested payments in quarterly installments, rather than payments twice a month. Laura will talk to Julia Orban about this possibility.
    3. Do we need a release form for photography at the Zumba events? Ask Godman Guild if they have a release form. (Laura )
    4. Susan suggested having a sale of cold, bottled water or t-shirt fundraiser to generate some money for the Zumba/WPCCA.
    5. Check on the location of Room 8 (Laura will ask Julia Orban about it)
  5. Letter of support for Godman Guild Community Center
    1. The Godman Guild is requesting the WPCCA draft a letter of support with the Godman Guild Community Center.
    2. Omar will draft a letter of and will circulate it via email to the Steering Committee to vote on the approval of the letter.
  6. The new governance committee (reviewing the bylaws)
    1. Joe contacted the two interested residents
    2. Will contact them again and put out a petition at the June 2019 civic meeting
  7. Planning the June 27 civic meeting
    1. Ice cream social in the park pavilion
      1. Omar will provide bowls and spoons
      2. Chris Micciche to bring water bottles
      3. Laura Bidwa- music
      4. Someone take ice cream to Susan Colbert who will be at the front desk of Schoenbaum (Brian Hood?)
      5. Lydia will ask Steve Sterrett about of ice cream and toppings and will email Lisa at Schoenbaum about change in location but needing access to
    2. Trivia game (Laura Bidwa will ask Jennifer and Kauwe about leading it)
    3. Request people bring their own chairs/blankets (bring extras if you have them)
    4. Katherine Cull will be sharing about mobility on Summit and 7th Ave (Lydia will follow up with Katherine about coming to the meeting )
    5. Lydia will post on the Facebook page (post in group
  8. July Meeting
    1. Face painting practice—ask if anyone would be interested the FB discussion forum, ask Laura Kogan for the face painting supplies/past volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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