Steering Committee Meeting Notes 3.12.19
In attendance:
Omar Elhagmusa
Laura Bidwa
Pastor Robey, Seventh Avenue Baptist Church Dauntea Sledge, CPO


  • Chris asked about security monitoring. Suggested that there may be a service that charges less for the service.
  • Chris will report back with a revised list of budget items.

Coffee Connections

  • Coffee connections. Suggestion is to bring baked goods or coupons. Omar will communicate the request.
  • Omar will make an email intro with Laura K and coffee connections.

Festival feedback

  • Raffle – add contact info? Some had concerned that incorrect info would be provided or illegible. Have a laptop and register more contacts.
  • We discussed the possibility of a beer garden to provide an adult friendly activity as well as a fundraiser for the festival.
  • Pastor Roby: make sure we get buy in from the elders
  • Laura Kogan will research the topic further to see if it would actually be a revenue producer

General membership meeting.​

  • We discussed moving the civic mtg to Thursdays to better align with other institutional monthly programming. We agreed to propose the date change during the march civic mtg.
  • Omar will ask the community connectors to make the reminder calls a week early. They also need to include language about it being a potluck
  • Omar will ask Kimberly Golden to be the MC.
  • Laura will ask if Ms. Dixon will conduct the ice breaker.
  • Laura will see if Ashley (Ms. Dixon’s daughter) will cater the main dish for the potluck. Our budget is $100?
  • In an effort to get more nominations for outstanding neighbor we will pass out the ballots instead of encouraging everyone to nominate at the front desk
  • Omar will make the playlist and bring a speaker
  • Omar will bring plates and utensils
  • Lydia will bring the world map

April mtg

Laura will see if Rory can commit to the April mtg then we can work on the programming based on that

Godman Guild Community Center

we talked about the letter of support for Godman Guild’s community center plans. The conclusion was that we should ask for clearer commitments regarding the center’s benefits for all neighbors – thinking especially of low-income neighbors – before providing a letter.

Collaboration with Neighborhood Churches and WPCCA

Pastor Robey said he and Pastor Byler of Veritas are working on plans to start neighborhood conversations about race relations.