Steering Committee Notes 10.10.18
Rich Machinski
Georgina Stevenson
Stephen Sterrett
Laura Bidwa
Omar Elhagmusa
Chris Micciche
Lexie Holliday
Lydia Yoder
Susan Colbert
Sean Storey
Jennifer Cheeks

Welcome to Rich Machinski, Interim Treasurer

Rich Machinski will be the interim treasurer of the WPCCA. What are our goals for Rich?

  • Setting up the infrastructure with clear tasks and time commitment expectations for the next treasurer.
  • Taking over the tasks Steve Sterrett currently takes care of before Steve’s retirement in December. Steve Sterrett will be in touch with Rich Machinski to help get him up to speed on matters of the treasurer.
  • If anyone knows of a good candidate for treasurer, contact Laura Bidwa or Omar Elhagmusa

Tracking Attendance and Demographics at the WPCCA Meetings

Lydia Yoder will be taking note of number of residents/supporters and simple demographic information at monthly WPCCA meetings. The demographic information is to track representation at the meetings. September 26, 2018 meeting counts: 55 members, 12 supporters. 14 new residents/members attended the meeting.

Email link to Weinland Park Festival 2018

Steve Sterrett suggests sending out an email with the link for the survey to get feedback from the Festival.​ Motion: ​​Omar Elhagmusa moves that we send out the link to the survey in a separate email, not the monthly e-newsletter. Laura Bidwa seconded the motion. Vote was 4-1 for; motion passed.

The repository of WPCCA records.

Steve Sterrett has compiled many documents and Laura Bidwa has made a connection with Matt Benz at the Ohio History Connection about archiving these documents. Matt Benz believes the University District Organization archive would be a good place to store these records.

Planning the October 24 WPCCA Meeting:

  1. Recognizing Jean Pitman is leaving Columbus. Steve Sterret suggested we have a reception in her honor at 5:30pm on October 24 before the meeting. The event would be hosted by the Weinland Park Collaborative and the WPCCA.
  2. Steve Sterrett will take care of the food for the reception and the WPCCA meeting.
  3. Omar Elhagmusa and Georgina Stevenson are interested in helping Steve plan the reception, and Steve will verify that Jean is available.
  4. Omar Elhagmusa will ask Dante to see if he can be DJ at October meeting. If not, Laura Bidwa will be DJ.
  5. Laura Bidwa will ask Diane Dixon about leading ice breaker
  6. Katherine Swidarski (Safe Routes to School) will share no more than 10 minutes
  7. Recognize Jean Pitman at the meeting. Lexie Holliday will create a slideshow with pictures of Jean and her work in Weinland Park.
  8. Collaborative paper collage art project, led by Jean Pitman. Would it be ok if kids and adults worked together in the same room, or should Jennifer Cheeks work on it separately?
  9. Outstanding Neighbor nominations: slip of paper with name and brief description of why you are nominating the neighbor. Lydia will design and organize nomination. Steve Sterrett will look into the plaque that was created several years ago that is at the Godman Guild.

Weinland Park Collaborative Meeting on October 16

Weinland Park Collaborative meeting will be on Tuesday, October 16, 6:00-7:15pm at the Godman Guild. There will be a structured discussion on resident engagement. How we can support resident engagement so that it can be sustained in the years to come?

Ideas from Steering Committee members on topics of discussion at the WPC meeting:

  • Omar Elhagmusa: how do stakeholders seek to be involved in resident engagement in the neighborhood in the future?
  • Lexie Holliday: inviting the local businesses in Weinland Park to share and be engaged in the neighborhood. Inviting them to the collaborative meeting? Researching successful resident engagement in mixed income neighborhoods around the country?
  • Laura Bidwa: Would the WPC have interest in supporting WPCCA to become a 501C3 and have members sit on the board? What about providing funding for food and childcare at the WPCCA meetings? Would they be able to connect us to people who know how to measure successful resident engagement? What about connecting us to neighborhoods who are doing a good job of resident engagement in mixed income neighborhoods? Can we encourage funders to be engaged in the things they are funding and be involved at the WPCCA?
  • Email Steve Sterrett with any ideas that support resident engagement or questions you might have or topics for the collaborative meeting discussion

Impromptu Guest Announcements​​.

  • Hold announcers accountable to the allotted time given them.
  • Have announcements at the end of the meeting.
  • Have the guest briefly announce who they are, and anyone who finds their topic interesting can see the person at the end of the meeting.

Brainstorming for the Holiday Potluck on December 5:

  • Drumming idea (Laura Bidwa)
  • Showing the video created by local youth group about the Weinland Park Wildcats.
  • Publicly recognize Lawon and Tameia and their work with the Wildcats
  • Caroling
  • Outstanding Neighbor Awards shout

Changes to 5th Street Gardens

Sean Storey shared that the city sent a letter saying that they will be returning the wildflower garden on 5th Street to the land bank. Laura suggested that we advocate to keep this space for another year and get it up to city’s maintenance standards. Steve Sterrett also thinks that advocating that the space be kept for a year or two more, and then maybe it can seen as the same type of space as the neighborhood community gardens. The Housing Committee is also addressing questions of land trusts in the neighborhood.

Motion:​​ Laura Bidwa moves that we provide a letter to the city requesting a one year extension to get the garden space cleaned up. Lexie seconded the motion. 5-0 for; motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.