September 2019 – Steering Committee Agenda


  • Chris
  • Georgina
  • Bridget
  • Laura
  • Susan

At Home By High is losing their office space, any thoughts for them are welcome

Yard Sale (Kimberly Golden)

  • Feedback on the 2019 WP yard sale
    • Georgina and her neighbor had a yard sale, Seventh Avenue Community Missionary Baptist church near Kroger had a sale two weekends
    • rent-to-own families from 6th St went to Camp Mary Orton, so some neighbors weren’t here. Fundraiser for Godman Guild
  • Looking ahead to 2020 yard sale
    • Proposal to make it more of a swap meet, to sell tables and have it all in the parking lot of Godman Guild
    • Discussion about whether it should be in the spring
    • Rally in the Alley in July is not going to continue, Chester announced
      • Could the sale be in the alley behind the LC apartments
      • Should we ask Grant Commons management to help with this
      • Discuss again in February
      • Can we coordinate with the Italian Village Yard sale
    • Next year we should check the date against other conflicts
    • Really missed our communications person in promotions
    • Georgina helped distribute lots of fliers, especially in some of the apartments etc
  • Agenda item for next time: We need a Communications Committee, to assist with the CRM and event promotions

Weinland Park Festival

  • Insurance Policy
    • Steve Sterrett reminded us that we can’t completely eliminate liability insurance, may need to be a Festival expense
    • Chris said most Civic Associations have a basic liability policy
    • Current policy covers us through Feb. 15, 2020

Planning the Thurs, Sept 26 WPCCA monthly meeting:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Leadership
  • Childcare
  • Agenda
    • Ice breaker: Bridget
    • Music: Bridget (speaker and playlist)
    • Leader: Matt Adair?
    • Theme: MORPC weatherization; safe walks to school; Laura to contact principal as guest to share neighbor involvement opportunities; Bridget to contact Huck House about involvement opportunities or new opportunities
    • If not a theme, we could do a game instead
    • Discussion for full committee: Should we be a 501C3 or Community Development Corporation?
      • Omar may have a lawyer that would do it pro-bono (Carly J. Booth)
      • Discussion needs to continue, it may be easier for tax purposes to do 501C3
      • Northside Development Corp is a dormant CDC; Directions for Youth and Family also has a dormant CDC
    • Georgina to contact the woman who has the two boys who cut lawns this summer
    • Fundraising: is there an item we can sell to make money for the Civic Association
      • Evelyn set up an online store, it may be more expensive than other options
    • Discussion to come with Jennifer Cheeks and Kauwe Caldwell to incorporate kids into the meeting rather than separate them
    • Organizing a trash pickup? (Contact Tyler Bender)
    • Outstanding Neighbor award?

WPCCA Budget updates (Chris Micciche)

  • Reimbursement to Steve $240
    • Leis
    • Sign
  • $197 + $28 food costs
  • Do we need a new name if we must for 501C3
    • We have 27 months from operating start to go to the IRS, likely that we will need a new name and EIN, Chris says
      • Weinland Park Community Civic Association is our legal name
      • New could be Weinland Park Civic Association
      • Weinland Park Neighbors
      • Weinland Park Society
      • We should vote on a new name with the full group
    • Campus Partners is our Fiscal Agent, we have $8,000 with them
    • Applying for grants would be simpler as our own fiscal agent
    • We can’t pay people legally without having authority to issue a 990.
    • 2013 we filed a domestic articles with the state of Ohio for an EIN

Other announcements:

Joyce Hughes Park (Grant Avenue) Committee will be chaired by Michael Wilkos and include Tanya Long Laura Bidwa, Steve Ballenger from Waggenbrenner, John Neil Lindsay

Cards for two tragedies Both group cards for NRP Belinda Tate Melton

NRP family fire on 6th Street (Laura couldn’t find contact information for the family); A couple parents overdosed on fentanyl, children go to Weinland Park Elementary, card for surviving grandmother Karen Burnett.

Invite: the steering committee should attend the Terrace Place Apartments Appreciation Cookout, Sept. 20 3-6p at Indianola Park