WPCCA Meeting 1.23.19

Food: Adriatico’s Pizza

Music: Matt Adair

Ice Breaker: Diamond Penn led this activity, and she had those who speak a second language write a sentence in that language and have someone else read it and guess what it says. We all enjoyed learning more about each other through this fun activity.

January’s Outstanding Neighbor award goes to Tracie Evans!

Short North Parking Plan
Website: ​https://www.columbus.gov/publicservice/parking/proposed-short-north-parking-plan/

Map of Restricted Parking Areas: ​Link to map

Contact for questions:
Katherine Cull (​[email protected]​)
Michael Liggett (​[email protected]​)

Other resources:

  • Call 311: (614) 645-3111
  • Email 311: ​[email protected]
  • Email: ​[email protected]
  • Tickets don’t go into effect right away. There is a 2 week grace-period, full enforcement will take effect on Feb 19, 2019.
  • In the first six months we will be in a stabilization period, we will be monitoring and tracking the effects. Adjustments will be made as needed. Zones could change.
  • Parking meters near N High Street and surrounding streets have increased in price from$.75 to $1.00 during the day, $2.00 at night
  • App to download for parking payments: Park Columbus

Questions from Weinland Park Residents regarding the parking changes:

  • What would we do if receiving medical services at home and the medical care providers don’t have commercial license plates?
  • What about people who have infractions or reasons for not wanting to be tracked by their license plate?
  • Currently a smartphone is necessary to pay for parking—have you considered an alternative way to pay for parking that doesn’t require a phone?

Looking Back on 2018 and Thinking Ahead to 2019

  • The civic association leadership and steering committee are trying to make changes to the meetings to make them about connecting neighbors to each other.
  • Omar and Laura’s focus has been on getting to know groups in Weinland Park, like Community Connectors, and attending the Neighborhood Network gatherings.
  • Laura Bidwa’s Highlights from 2018
    • Seeing neighbors team together to help those affected by fire on Indianola
    • Neighbors showing up to the Columbus City Schools board meeting to represent Weinland Park residents during discussions on what to do with Dominion Middle School.
  • WPCCA Meeting Favorites from 2018:
    • Rice Paddy-Georgina Stevenson
    • Festival-volunteering there is fun-Twylia Bradley
    • Hands-on activities at meetings are awesome-Twylia Bradley
    • Meeting neighborhood liaison and tree-planting session-Tyler Bender
  • What are topics that you’d like to learn more about together?
    • History of neighborhood
    • Incorporate kids into the meeting-find out what they’d like to have in meetings
    • Introducing as family units-What street do you live on?
    • Recognition of youth as neighbors
    • Talent show/talk
    • Garden updates-what’s ripe right now? What help is needed? During the summer.
    • Renewing the newsletter-recruiting youth that need volunteer experience to pass out newsletter?

If there’s a specific activity that you want to lead at the meetings, please email Lydia Yoder

Joe Swora with Godman Guild

The Godman Guild is in the early stages of the feasibility study to build a new building on their current lot. They are gathering two focus groups to discuss what we would like to see out of a proposed building. Time of these focus groups: Thurs Jan 31 and Thurs Feb 7, refreshments at 5:30 pm, conversation from 6:00-7:30 pm.